Robert Algeri lived in Anchorage, Alaska from 1981 to 1983 while stationed at Fort Richardson, Alaska with the 172nd Infantry Brigade. His writings in Andrea, Enchanted Aleutian Princess are based on actual events that happened to him while he was living there. Andrea Altiery was one of Serial Killer Robert Hansens victims. Andrea's body has never been located or recovered to date. Robert Hansen is the most Notorious Serial Killer to ever hunt in the State of Alaska.

Throughout his years Author Robert Algeri has loved many people, lost many people and learned a lot of tough emotional lessons. At times he brings a circular mystical perception into his writings that can mesmerize even the most seasoned reader. Robert came up with this story through an agonizing emotional journey that allowed him to bring this story into fruition, he has created a vision of passion that tears at the heart. Please join him in this agonizing journey In Memory of Andrea Mona Altiery.