1982, Anchorage, Alaska, The Monster of 4th Avenue...


Lately, I've been feeling adrift. Chechakos, I am no Chechakos, my friends.

Over the hill and around the bend, into the sunset together for one last dance.

Bondage, her restraints reflect roaring flames, she becomes savage and raw with tears.

Her emotions are epic as the realization sets in, Jade will not be going home tonight, she is about to become dead!

I have become a cunning predator, and extremely manipulative. I've learned to slink within the shadows.

I did not come to Alaska to give; I came to take from the land.

When she looks up at me, I can see blotches of red covering her face, sweat is beading on her forehead, she looks cold and wild-eyed. How long will it take her to grovel for her freedom, she doesn't realize yet I brought her here to entertain myself... 

Respect Helps Create Romance
Andrea Altiery, Beautiful Human being...


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Tuesday, 18 May 2021

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