562nd Engineers Fort Richardson Alaska


Written by James Pomicter. Co-authored and Edited by Robert Algeri

Whenever you heard the sputtering cough of those engines and caught a whiff of that diesel fuel, you knew your ride was coming. The smell of the diesel on a cold winter's day seemed to stimulate us all. To this day, I love that smell and find it pleasantly comforting.

When I was with the 562nd Engineers stationed at Fort Richardson, Alaska, we spent a lot of time in the cold out in the middle of nowhere. While roaming about the remote frozen wilderness, we rode everywhere in the back of two and a half-ton dump trucks. The metal beds were freezing, we were exposed to the wind and elements.

To us, they almost always represented comfort and safety. Looking back, it's funny how I don't remember the cold as much as I do the warmth.

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Tuesday, 17 May 2022

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