Anguish - A Thought For Us All


What is anguish?

Anguish -

1 - noun - severe mental or physical pain or suffering.

"she shut her eyes in anguish"

2 - verb - be extremely distressed about something.

"he anguished over how to reply"

Violence. Inappropriate and disturbing behavior. Unheard feelings...

"Distraught, my soul has been torn asunder, as a rag doll tossed upon the heap, discarded by society at the time of my soul's deepest darkness."

Abusive. Appalling depravity. Malignant distortions of reality...

"Fractured, my mind is bent, looking through a glass darkly while searching for the greater light."

Angst. Spineless perversions. Tempestuous feelings of deep dread...

Sometimes we get easily distracted from what is important in life, reaching our heaven on earth, finding inner peace, walking the track of love. It happens to all of us at some point, we get bruised, battered, and beaten down.

How do we re-calibrate? Adjust our attitudes? Refocus our visions? Everyone's path will be different.

Some people turn to ritual, some people reach for the remote control, some of us look in the mirror while we dance.

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Tuesday, 18 May 2021

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