Creating a Five Book Series inspired by true events


Author Robert Algeri's books are inspired by actual events. He met Andrea Altiery and Robert Hansen in 1981.

His story starts with Andrea Altiery, prolific Alaskan serial killer Robert Hansen's most prominent victim. Andrea was from Hawaii. Her father, Mason Altiery, was a former senator from Hawaii.

Andrea was an exotic dancer in Anchorage, Alaska. She danced under the stage name Enchantment. She fell prey to Robert Hansen's sinister ploy to meet him for a photoshoot to help build her modeling image portfolio.

Andrea never returned from that meeting. Her body has never been found. Robert Hansen was convicted in February of 1984 on four homicides and admitted to seventeen.

Alaska law enforcement suspects Robert Hansen may have kidnapped, tortured, raped, and murdered up to fifty more men and women that remain missing to this day.

Robert Algeri's military unit interacted with Mr. Hansen over several years. They observed his behavior in a remote location and were eyewitnesses to at least ten of Robert Hansen's homicides.

Killing with Impunity, Finding Lost Graves
Romantic Love or The Pimps of Deception?


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Tuesday, 17 May 2022

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