Eve - First Women's Right's Advocate or Rebel?


 The descriptive symbology of Genesis in both the Bible and the Torah of a wandering woman seeking her path in this world is simply elegant.

Try to imagine for a moment with me as we contemporize Eve's possible thought pattern.

Caution I am taking literary liberties here.

Am I understanding this correctly? God and Adam were able to hang out together without me? Did they walk around like buddies naming everything without me? Did they establish a verbal code without me? Did they establish rules and parameters without consulting me first? Do I not get a vote? Talk about a good old boys club.

Eve decided to break the rules. Eve rocked the boat in a big way.

Eve was created with free-will and she exercised that free-will. She started humanity on a journey of self-exploration that continues to this day.

Sometimes our journey brings us happiness, and sometimes sadness. There is a time to be happy, and a time to be sad. Eve gave us both sides of the story.

I believe Eve created the first author's manual for writing fiction. She had want, obstacle and she took action. She created conflict with her action that required resolution. Conflict, action, resolution. Want, obstacle, action.

The complete guide to immediate fiction, if you follow this pattern with your writings as an author of fiction you will be successful.

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Tuesday, 18 May 2021

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