How I Became A Published Author, and the Writing of Andrea - Conclusion


Everything is a learning process. Luckily, I have been exposed to quite a few vocations that required marketing aptitude as a core skill. I have been mentored over the years by many people that I am indebted to, willing to share their thought processes with me. I stepped back and took a good look at my writings, evaluated my story, envisioned my target audience, the story's ideal region of exposure, any anticipated overseas exposure.

My story takes place on the West Coast, I happen to live on the East Coast. I could attempt to approach publishers in Boston, New York City and Philadelphia, or I could focus in on West Coast publishers. I thought the latter was a better course of action, so I pursued several West Coast publishers, one of them being Publication Consultants of Alaska.

Writing a book is intimidating, submitting your manuscript for evaluation is downright scary, that wait for a response from the publisher is spent in agonizing, soul searching. You question all your motivations, every error real and imagined, becomes magnified. In the end every person's path will be different, what works for me may not work for you.

One thing I would like to touch on really quick is this, writing as a Craft, is different than the business side of writing. I never thought of Author Taglines, Author Webpages, being a public presence on Social Media, Book signings, Book Launching parties, Author Bio's, to name just a few of the business considerations of becoming a successfully published Author.

I wish everyone luck finding their personal path along life's journey, may the end results be the dream you created. Remember, sometimes the end of one dream creates the beginning of another dream, but please, I invite you to dream on forever.

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How I Became A Published Author, and the Writing o...


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Tuesday, 18 May 2021

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