How I Became A Published Author, and the Writing of Andrea - Part 1


A lot of people are asking me how I became a published Author and what my thought process was for making the decision to write Andrea, Enchanted Aleutian Princess.

Here's my story. I began writing at 8 years old, in the 3rd grade. Our teacher Miss Curran had our class write a fictional story. My writing established a relationship, and a bond with Miss Curran throughout that school year. She constantly was encouraging me to write, "Always write Robert, please promise me you will always write," she would eagerly encourage me.

Throughout my lower educational process, while I was enlisted in the US Army, and during my higher educational experiences I was instructed, and taught how to approach writing from different perspectives. Narrative-descriptive, literary, instructional, technical. This helped me build a basic block of cross transferable writing, self-editing, and reading skills.

All that being said, I needed a story, and I needed time. I would also need a strong partner to help me overcome the fear of putting myself out there. The fear of facing criticism, and rejection loom large when you decide to undertake a project like writing a book. Andrea was personal for me, there was, and is, real pain that motivated me to empty myself into these writings.

Let's just jump right in at this point. I didn't know for sure Andrea Altiery was dead until 2013 while I was watching the end credits of the movie, On Frozen Ground. When I saw her picture, I was overcome with an emotional wave that was staggering. While I stood in my living room watching this morbid visual tribute to Hansen's victims, I realized the killer gets all the attention. They get put up on a pedestal while the victims rarely get any voice, they are mentioned in passing at best, be continued. 

How I Became A Published Author, and the Writing o...


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Tuesday, 18 May 2021

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