How I Became A Published Author, and the Writing of Andrea - Part 2


Lake Sunapee New Hampshire, summer of 2019. This is Aerosmith founder Steven Tyler's home town. He own's a lakeside home on the lake. When the tour boat we are riding in comes to Mr. Tyler's home, they bring the boat around so that people can clearly get a view of his house. When my friend, and myself step over to the port side of the boat, we can see that the door on Mr. Tyler's boat house has been left wide open.

Mr. Tyler's boat is docked inside, we can all clearly read the stern of his boat, across the stern board the name of the boat is written in an elaborate font, "Dream On." My friend and myself look at each other, and we just know, I have to write Andrea, I have to. One of Andrea Altiery's first questions for me was "Do you like the rock band Aerosmith?" when I replied, "Yes," she slapped me on my left shoulder, smiled and responded, "Dream on my friend."

Feeling compelled to do something you have never done before, can be a little maddening. Luckily, I have always kept a journal, I named my journal "Keep Paddling Against the Wind." So, I kept paddling against the wind until I found the luxury of three key ingredients, peace of mind, love in my home life, and the strong need to create. When someone loves you unconditionally and gives you the space to really be you, your creative energy can freely flow.

In order to write from the point of view of a minor character, I had to be able to push myself back in time. I became the Little Brother again; I became Squirrel again. My infatuation grew, and I fell in love with Andrea Altiery all over again. All of it hurt me. The writing crushed me at times, leaving me listless, and in shock from the memories.

So, I kept blasting forward, I decided to take on a double dose of emotion. I decided to write Andrea's Dream, Enchanted Alaskan Proprietress, while I was half way through writing Andrea. Writing two books at once was emotionally draining, it took stamina and endurance,... to be continued. 

How I Became A Published Author, and the Writing o...
How I Became A Published Author, and the Writing o...


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Tuesday, 18 May 2021

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