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People are asking me two questions related to Cutting material.

The first question I am being asked is, "Has the publisher asked you to remove any content from a submitted manuscript?"

The answer is, yes, they have. I was asked to remove content that did not meet publishing standards twice, in one instance it was language-related, in the second instance, my scene was too graphic.

For me, this was a non-issue, and it became a great lesson.

I feel by working with my publisher Evan Swenson, I became a better writer through his wisdom and guidance.

The editing process can be harsh, this is when the magnifying glass gets focused, mistakes can appear larger than they are, little things like files not opening properly become large.

The other area where you will face cutting material as a writer is during your self-editing and rewriting stage.

Here's when, and why, it pays to overwrite your scene.

If my word count goal is 20,000 words minimum for manuscript submission, I attempt to reach 22,500 as my minimum.

If I have to cut several thousand words during self-edit, I am still at 20,500 words, a high enough word count to submit my manuscript.

This is a skill you will learn as time goes on.

I keep track of my daily word counts, my weekly word counts, my monthly averages.

I have also learned that in general, I will gain 2,500 to 3,800 words on a solid rewrite of 22,500 words.

This data has helped me to be able to identify the most productive hours of creativity. I know when to sit at my keyboard, and I also know when to power down and handwrite my next scene.

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Tuesday, 18 May 2021

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