Serial Killer Robert Hansens $300 Photo Shoot Offer, The Flashing Lure...


Many of Robert Hansen's helpless victims where not prostitutes.

They had aspirations and hope of entering the Modeling Industry at some point in their lives.

One of the requirements for any aspiring model is to have a Studio Grade Photo Portfolio for submission and review by the Agency. This can be an expensive platform to buy into for anybody, especially for a young woman living on her own that is just starting in life.

Robert Hansen's offer was explained to me by three different Adult Entertainment workers from 1981 to 1983 including Andrea Altiery.

The story was the same every time, the same offer. Here is Robert Hansen's flashy lure, this was Robert Hansen's offer of deception to some of his victims.

Meet him for a 1-hour photoshoot that would take place at his location.

It would be easy, quick, and fun Hansen would explain to his intended victim.

He would offer to pay the ladies $300 cash for the session and also, they would also receive a full set of the completed photo's which would help them start building their Modeling platform.

Hansen would explain to the ladies that his only compensation was the pleasure of doing the photoshoot, gaining the experience as a photographer, and he also got to retain a full copy of the photos for his albums.

Nothing else was too be exchanged between the consenting parties.

Andrea Altiery, Beautiful Human being...
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Tuesday, 18 May 2021

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