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How many voices are there in writing?

Voice in writing has three distinct meanings. There's the author's voice, the character's voice, and the narrator's voice.

What are the 3 types of Third Person points of View in Writing?

Third-person omniscient point of view.

Third-person limited omniscient.

Third-person objective.

The omniscient, all-seeing narrator knows everything about the story and its characters.

How do you identify the author's voice?

Voice is determined by either the person telling the story, the narrator or the person writing the story, the author. The characters can also give voice. It's important to remember that a work's voice is not always reflective of the author's opinions or attitudes.

How do you describe an author's voice in writing?

A writer's tone, choice of words, selection of subject matter, and punctuation make up the authorial voice. How an author writes communicates their attitude, personality, and character. The author's voice is often so distinctive that it's possible to identify the author by simply reading a selection of their work. 

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