Special thanks to Authors Don Miguel Ruiz, and Don Jose Ruiz for their help.  

Pitter-patter the stomping of tiny feet across the ballroom floor.

Have you ever noticed that since you arrived in this world, you've always been delivering a message? Even before you were born, when your mother became aware that she was pregnant, your message was there.

When you see a rose, open and beautiful, it's very presence makes you feel wonderful. You don't need to tell yourself how wonderful the rose is; you can see all the beauty and romance of that rose. You smell the rose, and the rose never says a word.

You understand the message, but not with words.

If you go to a forest, you see birds talking to birds, and the trees talking to trees, with another kind of symbology. You can see the inner communication of everything around you, and it's amazing.

There are messengers everywhere in this world, but have you ever thought about it?