Writing Fiction, Creating fiction isn't normal reality...


That's right creating fiction isn't normal reality.

If you try to impose normal, every day, noncreative standards upon a process that isn't normal the results will be frustration, discouragement, and failure for a writer of fiction.

As an artist, a writer of fiction, my method is one of freedom.

I have learned to allow myself to write badly first, make a mess, then clean it up.

Your mistakes will lead to discovery, remember, art begins in error.

When you learn to allow yourself to be bad, this becomes the best way to become good. The less you care, the better you will write.

Mistakes are inevitable, make a mess, then have fun cleaning it up. As the writer you are the dreamer, you are the creator, it's your story, it's your journey. 

Self Editing and Rewriting, Cutting material..
Dear Santa Claus, My name is ... Learning to Write...


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Tuesday, 18 May 2021

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