They are true story books written by Bob Algeri whose girlfriend was killed by a notorious serial killer in Alaska. The second true story is about how he went back to Alaska to try and find more details on what happened to Andrea. I can't wait to read them. I just got them from Barnes and Noble. They are called Andrea and Andrea's Dream. I Love true crime stories, especially when they are written to give a voice to the Victim of a Horrific Serial Killer by telling her story for her. Thank you for your service Bob and thank you for letting me know about the books you wrote IMO Andrea ~ Flying High with the Angels in Heaven. 

~Reader Luanne Duncan

Bob, you have a fantastic ability to weave descriptive words and terms that amplify the common into the extraordinary. Well said and well done. Your stories contain the same attention to vision as your short stories. Well done again. To you reading this, take the time to read Robert Algeri's works. You'll be glad you did. 

~Reader T Martin O'Neil

Triple Death was gripping from the start, chilling at times and filled with suspense. A page-turner you can't put down. Great read.

I finished reading the first book, Andrea. It was excellent! It was very intriguing and with each chapter I wanted to keep on going. You did a great job in describing the land and the natives and made it a very interesting read! You were making me nervous every single time a woman invited you to go somewhere and you followed along! Didn’t you learn from the first time? I love your protective manner for all the women. That warms my heart. I can’t wait to dig into the second book and then more to come! Just wanted to reach out to you to let you know you did an excellent job writing the book! 

~Reader Beth L.

Author Robert Algeri wrote this beautiful book, paying homage to Andrea in Andrea's Dream. Well written with deep emotion, heartfelt and caring. Keep writing, Robert.