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    I met Andrea Altiery in 1981; the first thing she asked was, “Do you like the rock band Aerosmith? I responded, “Yes.” She smiled and slapped me on my left shoulder telling me, “Dream on my friend.” Later that year Andrea was taken from us by the most notorious serial Read More
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    Andrea's Dream

    Robert Hansen, Alaska's most notorious serial killer, hunted his victims. Andrea Altiery was one of his victims. Andrea's body has never been located or recovered. After leaving Alaska in 1983, author Robert Algeri, spent the next thirteen years unsuccessfully trying to piece together what happened to his friend, Andrea Altiery Read More
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Robert Algeri's Bio

Robert Algeri has been helping challenged managers and co-workers to write professional correspondence and technical documents for 25 years.
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04 June 2020
Lately, I've been feeling adrift. Chechakos, I am no Chechakos my friends. Over the hill and around the bend, into the sunset together for one last dance. Bondage, her restraints reflect roaring flames, she becomes a savage raw with tears. Her emotio...
28 May 2020
Andrea Altiery faced body image issues like a lot of human beings have throughout their lives. A lot of us tend to struggle with what we wished we looked like versus our reality. We can change some things with exercise and proper nutrition, today we ...
21 May 2020
Many of Robert Hansens helpless victims had aspirations and hopes of entering the Modeling Industry at some point of their lives. One of the requirements for any aspiring model is to have a Studio Grade Photo Portfolio for submission and review by th...
14 May 2020
 People are asking me two questions related to Cutting material. The first question I am being asked is, "Has the publisher asked you to remove any content from a submitted manuscript?" The answer is, yes they have. I was asked to remove content...