• Andrea


    I met Andrea Altiery in 1981; the first thing she asked was, “Do you like the rock band Aerosmith? I responded, “Yes.” She smiled and slapped me on my left shoulder telling me, “Dream on my friend.” Later that year Andrea was taken from us by the most notorious serial Read More
  • Andrea's Dream

    Andrea's Dream

    Robert Hansen, Alaska's most notorious serial killer, hunted his victims. Andrea Altiery was one of his victims. Andrea's body has never been located or recovered. After leaving Alaska in 1983, author Robert Algeri, spent the next thirteen years unsuccessfully trying to piece together what happened to his friend, Andrea Altiery Read More
  • Triple Death: Embers of Terror

    Triple Death: Embers of Terror

    Filthy Lucre? Some call it dirty money. Anchorage Alaska 1981. As the oil industry and business across Alaska booms, a lethal combination of greed, corruption, and crime rise viciously across the city of Anchorage. This destabilized climate provides a windfall for a new breed of transnational criminal elite, they are Read More
  • Killing With Impunity

    Killing With Impunity

    Killing With Impunity, Writhing Silhouettes is gritty and unsettling Speculations abound. Stolen babies, missing young girls, kidnapped prostitutes, and murdered exotic dancers. Anchorage, Alaska 1981. The Anchorage Police Department starts seeing a surge in missing person reports. Puzzled by a lack of substantive evidence, fear grips the city's law enforcement Read More
  • Author Bio

    Author Bio

    One of Alaska's Premiere Suspenseful Fiction and Crime Thriller Authors Author Robert Algeri writes suspenseful fiction and crime thrillers inspired by true events. Robert served in Alaska during prolific Alaskan serial killer Robert Hansen's most active killing years. The backdrop for Robert's 4 Book Series is the killing spree of Read More
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Robert Algeri's Bio

Robert Algeri, Author of Andrea, Enchanted Aleutian Princess, Andrea's Dream, Enchanted Alaskan Proprietress, and, Triple Death, Embers of Terror, served in Alaska during serial killer Robert Hansen's most active murder years.
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17 January 2022
A memoir is a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge and sources. It's a book about your life, the lessons learned, and specific moments that shaped who you are.We all typically think of a memoir and cringe a little at the id...
21 July 2021
Alaska law enforcement and the community of Anchorage have been looking for the undisclosed graveyard of serial killer Robert Hansen since his arrest in 1983.Hanson maintained until his death that he flew all the women out into the remote Alaskan wil...
19 May 2021
Author Robert Algeri's books are inspired by true events.His story starts with Andrea Altiery, prolific Alaskan serial killer Robert Hansen's most prominent victim. Andrea was from Hawaii. Her father, Mason Altiery, was a former senator from Hawaii.A...
11 December 2020
 Romance -1. a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. "in search of romance" 2. a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life. "the beauty and romance of the night" Pimp - 1. make (something) mo...